The web application to create an internal magazine, in digital or paper format

Only 20 minutes!

Take control of your internal magazine!

Save time

Use your template to build up your magazine flatplan in a few clicks

Edit by yourself

Put your text and images together and modify them as you wish

Easy to use

Easily create your magazine via a simplified interface

Only 20 minutes!

Mock ups that look just like the magazines for sale

Tailor made templates based on your company graphic guidelines, that contain all the codes of professional magazines : double-page spreads, article intros, capitals, oblique texts, end-of-article signs, etc 


maquettes journal interne

Professional image and text editing

Columns management, several styles per text block, media and icon libraries, double page photos, image resizing, etc

Enhanced collaboration

3 contribution roles, page assignment, option to hide the flatplan from some contributors, multilateral collaboration, etc.


Access to the reading statistics

Measure the audience of your internal magazine: number of readers, time spent on it, the times when it is being read, the prefered pages, etc

A multi-media publication

Web viewer

Generation of a web link to read your magazines online (multi-devices, access to reading statistics, iframe code, etc.)

PDF print in high resolution

Creation of a PDF designed to be printed (cutting lines, images in high resolution, etc.)

Classic PDF

Exportation of a classif PDF file

Only 20 minutes!

They trust us


Madmagz is brought to you by Madmagz Com’in, a software agency specialised in internal communication.

For the past 8 years, we have supported the digital transformation of big companies’ internal communication. We offer them mobile and web applications to create internal magazines, internal newsletters, internal mobile apps or sites. All our tools are easy to use, secure, collaborative and measurable.


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