Where is internal communication headed?

Most big groups have been going through strategic digital transformations in the past years.

Those transformations can be challenging on many levels. Sofwares went from being side tools to being at the heart of most industries. Thousands of employees therefore need to be trained rapidly, and companies also need to attract and retain rare talents. Innovations keep emerging from the technological giants at a fast pace. Companies are forced to constantly adapt, adjusting their visions, their work organisation, so they can innovate themselves. 

The power of those giants, partly derived from the huge quantities of users data that they collect, has attracted many other players : hackers, politicians, States, etc. Security has become a major issue, and strict legal frameworks are being put into place.

The ubiquity of the new media has brought a lot of transparency to the big companies.

Internal commmunication has been the poor relation of communication for a long time. It is now finding itself at the center of the digital transformation projects.

Its missions have grown. it must ensure the information and participation of the employees. Those employees are not always physically present in the office, and are not necessarily part of the full-time staff of the company.  In all cases, they must embody the mission and the values of their organisation, and attract new talent in doing so.

Internal communication must also ensure that the employees are trained, in collaboration with the HR department.

Internal communication teams become therefore in charge of making the company culture thrive They are accountable for the way the culture is embodied. This culture shall be shared by all employees, but also seen through the clients, partners and investors of the organization.

The internal communication managers will therefore become some sorts of information and culture ministers for the company.

As their roles become more important, the expectations from the boards are also increasing. They will be asked to define the criteria of success in relation to the company strategy, and meet them. They will take part in merging and acquisition projects, joint ventures… In those conditions, they will be part of the executive committees. 

The mission of Madmagz Com’in is to help big companies to transform their internal and HR communication thanks to technological solutions that are simple, secured and tailor-made to ensure their successes.

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